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Reliable Automated Solutions for POS Testing (Infographic)

Digital transformation has greatly raised consumer expectations as they want payments to be automated without having to open their wallets. Due to this, the demand for secure, faultless, seamless digital transactions has put pressure on developers to develop a perfect point of sale software.

Top 10 Test Automation Anti-Patterns and Ways To Avoid Them

What is an anti-pattern?

In software development, an anti-pattern solution may initially appear desirable but ultimately produces more problems than it solves. Anti-patterns can range from mundane issues such as lack of documentation around automated tests to organizational structures that inhibit change and innovation. This is a list of the most common anti-patterns that have been seen in test automation efforts, along with suggested remedies.

Salesforce Performance Testing

QASource - A Leading Software Testing Company (Infographic)

To ensure faster releases and better-quality software products, you need to implement cutting-edge software testing strategies. When you have a reliable testing company like QASource onboard, you can leverage comprehensive software QA services in one place.

Top Software Testing Trends for 2022

Software testing is a challenging and complex process that requires knowledge of many different areas. From understanding the business to knowing what types of bugs can be introduced, there's a lot to consider when testing a software.

The difficulty in testing software has increased as developers produce more intricate codes with more outstanding features. The number of defects found during development increases because the complexity increases; however, it decreases if the developer uses static analysis tools or other automated methods for finding and fixing errors early on in the development cycle.

Evolving Role of QA With Advancements in eLearning

QA Testing, QA Services, ELearning | By Timothy Joseph | January 5, 2022

Over time, technology has evolved to provide better experiences and services to customers. Technological upgrades have impacted almost every sector, and the eLearning sector has also felt its effects.

Earlier, we used to have classes for any course in person. Then, distance learning courses were introduced, and now we have digital training via eLearning using the latest technologies.

A Complete Guide to Database Security Testing

Database security is imperative for any organization that wishes to have a robust defense against any malicious attacks that may cause a setback in their operations and put their stakeholders at risk.

A database breach can not only undermine a company’s integrity but also cause a massive loss of profits and have long-term effects.

Media Streaming Software And OTT Testing (Infographic)

In order to provide a seamless media streaming experience to users, it is important to implement comprehensive QA testing on the streaming platform and OTT software. QASource has a team of tool-agnostic experts who have experience developing and testing media streaming software.

QA Metrics That Matter the Most

"You can't improve what you don't measure" - this saying is rightfully true for the world of software quality assurance. Quality Assurance (QA) metrics are used to estimate the progress and outcome of test results. Through metrics, it is easy to track the status of QA activities, measure team efficiency, and optimize processes.

A Complete Guide to Smoke Testing in Software QA (Infographic)

In the construction industry, smoke testing helps to check water pipelines for leakage and other underlying issues. This practice has evolved over time though. In the tech hardware industry, these tests help to check the quality of hardware boards. In the software industry, smoke testing plays a crucial role in software development and quality assurance.

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