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7 Benefits of QA Testing in Nearshore Locations

Nearshore QA, Software Testing | By QASource | December 19, 2019
Gone are the days when skill-set availability and language compatibility were challenges when working with a nearshore partner. Now the situation has improved and many companies are embracing both offshore and nearshore testing. What is it about nearshore testing that makes it so appealing?

10 Tips for Automated Testing in Banking Software

For the consumer, the digital banking experience is supposed to be simple and intuitive. Banking transactions can be completed quickly with just a few taps or clicks and without the need of a tutorial or extensive user manual. And with the growing competition across the banking industry, a financial institution is more likely to retain that consumer if the experience is always improving in speed, reliability and ease.

Should You Move from Performance Testing to Performance Engineering?

In today's fast growing business market, where customer experience is a top priority, you can't wait until the end for your product’s performance testing results. You need to have performance engineering methodologies in place so that you can implement recommendations and best practices in the early stages of product development.

5 Keys to Successful Banking Application Automation Testing

When your financial institution releases a new banking application, you want everything to go right. You want the customer user experience super simple and as seamless as a habit. You want to see an increase in customer use of your application. And, you want to see more likes on social media, more five-star online reviews, more positive press about your brand across every media platform.

Most importantly, you want to maintain the trust of your customer - by continuing to protect their PII from cyberattacks and data leaks while providing a product that is consistently reliant.

So, why would you chance launching without a thorough and reliable QA testing process?

Your Quick Guide To Testing Lightning Web Components

Software Testing, Salesforce Testing | By QASource | December 4, 2019

Salesforce has introduced the Lighting Web Component as a lightweight framework. Lightning Web Component or LWC is the latest lightweight framework built on web standards. Since Salesforce is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is committed to creating open web standards, it encourages the development of web standards on the Lightning platform. Our expert engineers have put together a quick guide to testing Lightning Web Components. 

12 Steps to Foolproof Your Financial Application Testing: A Recap

Financial Application Testing, Webinar | By QASource | November 27, 2019

There are few industries that have the same level of regulations that the finance domain must adhere to, and launching successful financial applications with little to no errors that are also compliant with these standards is a prominent challenge among banking and financial services software providers.

QA Testing on a 5G Network: What You Need to Know

Mobile App Testing, Software Testing | By QASource | November 21, 2019

The demand for faster internet over cellular networks has led telecommunication companies to the creation of the 5G cellular network. Constant innovation is driving cellular companies to continuously adjust their approach to Big Data in order to provide faster cellular connectivity to their customers. How will the 5G network impact the software development life cycle? Our expert engineers have put together a quick guide to 5G networks and how the SDLC will be impacted. 

Cyber Threats: ShieldCast - Fall 2019

Mobile Banking Application Testing 101: Everything You Need to Know

Gone are the days of having to get in the car, drive to your local bank branch, and wait in line for an open teller before getting down to business. Much to the delight of millennials and Gen Z, today you can handle basically every finance-related task online-either through your bank’s online portal, or with their mobile app.

Choose the Right Automated Functional Testing Tools for Your Product

The customer experience begins when a product works. Functional testing is the way to ensure that happens. Since testing affects the overall SDLC, developers must implement functional testing as quickly and efficiently as possible. That means automation. Specifically, automated functional testing tools.

So which tools should you use, and how?

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