Service Virtualization in Automation Testing

Quarterly Automation Testing Expert Series - Vol 4/4 2020

Timothy Joseph
Timothy Joseph | November 25, 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is meant by service virtualization?

Service virtualization provides a simulated interface to QA teams, and helps them complete their tests on the application under test (AUT). It is primarily used for testing APIs, Cloud Architectures, and Service Oriented Architecture-based applications.

What is the need for service virtualization in test automation?
  • Automation goes in parallel with the development phase
  • Virtual environments are available for QA and Dev teams to work in parallel
  • Easy to test unavailable and inaccessible resources
  • Simulated environment enables on-time mocks, POC demos, and delivery to the client
  • Less environment deployment and configuration issues
  • Fewer test data setup and lead time problems
  • Increase in test coverage virtual assets
  • Enhance the scope of automation testing
  • ‘Shift Left’ strategy benefits all the teams
What are the benefits of service virtualization?

Below are some of the main benefits of service virtualization:

  • Reliable Text Execution
  • Faster Time To Market
  • Cost Reduction
Which are the best service virtualization tools?

Below are some of the best service virtualization tools:

  • Wiremock
  • ReadyAPI
  • Parasoft Virtualize
  • Traffic Parrot


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