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7 Advantages to Outsourcing QA Software Testing

Are you doing all you can to make your software stand out?

Every day of every year, 6,140 new software apps are released on Google Play for Android alone, according to Statista. Switch to the Apple app store, and you will find a further 1,434 added daily. And that is just the mobile market.

Those are the raw numbers behind the clichés we hear about “ever-increasing competition” and “rapidly evolving markets.”

Reliable Automated Solutions for POS Testing

There was a time when we lined up on a Friday to draw enough cash from over the bank counter to see us through until Monday. Now it is quite possible to go entire weeks without using cash at all.

The digital transformation of business has raised consumer expectations such that they expect to be able to pay for everything—from pizzas to plane tickets—without having to open their wallets. The demand for truly secure, effortless, seamless, faultless digital transactions puts pressure on developers to produce perfect POS software.

12 Reasons Your Engineering Team Adopts Open Source Tools

We are in an open-source revolution, an era where engineers and developers around the globe can collaborate and invest their time and money with the goal of producing a reliable product – a software that would further push the world toward digital innovation. Because of this common end goal, open source tools are gaining popularity in developer communities and more are turning toward adopting open source tools to build their product.

Designing Your Software Quality Control Plan to Be Set Up for Success

As developers, you are not judged solely on your end product. Every step along the way to delivery is monitored and measured against software quality control standards. All your engineering processes, methods, activities and work items are subject to scrutiny. In today’s environment, you can get it wrong even though you, ultimately, got it right.

In the realm of quality assurance, the expectations are that we understand both the need for and the burden of meeting such high software quality control standards. We also know that the way you design your software quality control plan is critical to your professional success.

8 Ways to Optimize Your Automation Test Coverage

There is a better way to test.

Every step of your software testing process contains hidden efficiencies that can help you achieve even better results, faster. Some are the result of planning, some stem from test design and some you realize through better test execution.

All improvements come with experience. When you have automated more than a million test cases, you learn what works and what does not. More than that, you learn what works best.

What Even the Best Open-Source Test Management Tools Miss

Free often comes at a cost. In terms of open-source test management tools, that cost is the quality limitation placed on your QA. Even the savings you seek by choosing a free test management source disappear if a critical bug is missed, your launch date is delayed or you are forced to make expensive fixes later in production.

While the well-established open-source test management tools have survived a decade or more in the software testing industry, their role has been greatly reduced. The simple irony is, it is hard to achieve maximum QA value with a free product.

Develop Your Software Testing Best Practices with the Help of QA Experts

Software testing best practices are considered industry constants wherever the constraints of time, quality and resources apply. They hold up regardless of the actual values assigned to each of those boundaries.

Wasted time will delay release cycles regardless of the SDLC timeline.

Compromised quality affects users regardless of your company’s reputation.

Wasted resources mean reduced efficiency regardless of budget.

Elevate Test Management Software with an Outsourced QA Partner

Enjoying the advantages of offshore QA solutions should not mean you have to compromise your software development best practices. QA is a critical component of your SDLC, but it is not the only component that is important to integrate with your current development cycle. Similarly, while your QA team may be able to guide and optimize your testing requirements, they are not the sole stakeholders in your product’s success. Within this collaborative effort, your test management system aligns QA with other departments of SDLC.

So, do not feel the need to give up your test management software of choice in order to access offshore QA testing and its attendant time, cost and quality efficiencies.

Optimize Your Software Quality Testing for Consistent Results

This is how important software quality testing is to the success of your product—40% of tech startups fail because of poor or absent QA. Failing to implement one of the fundamental aspects of software development can sabotage your all efforts.

Now, if you are reading this, then the chances are good that you will not be making the mistake of bypassing QA all together. More likely, the danger you run is not optimizing your software quality testing for consistent results that deliver a quality product to your users.

A Guide to QA Testing in Docker Containers

Software testing is a continuously evolving sphere. Often, testers only have hours to test a software and as a result, QA engineers tend to opt for automation and parallelization. Enter Docker containers. Dockers have revamped the way testing is integrated into the CI/CD pipeline: the multi-container testing approach eliminates time and resource-based bottlenecks.

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