7 Best Tools For Agile Engineering Teams

Timothy Joseph
Timothy Joseph | May 20, 2020

7 Best Tools For Agile Engineering Teams

There’s a reason why so many teams choose to follow agile engineering best practices. This streamlined process for software design and development delivers value in a variety of ways,  including:

  • Improved quality of product
  • Reduced risks
  • Faster time to market 
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Higher productivity
  • Stronger team morale

Agile engineering teams make this happen by dividing big challenges into measurable tasks to be completed during rapid product development cycles driven by two-week sprints that incorporate continuous user feedback from QA agile teams.

Promises are high in such a short period of time, so successful teams adhering to agile management for software engineering often rely on a strong agile software tool. Not any project management tool will do—this platform must handle all agile engineering demands including scrum and agile methodologies in order to maintain team processes.

A strong agile project management tool not only enhances your agile engineering process but also conforms to the needs of your organization. When choosing an agile tool for your team, make sure you’re asking the right questions so that you integrate the right tool for your team’s needs. Does the agile tool:

  • Track history and accountability?
  • Have the ability to scale?
  • Offer customizable analytics?
  • Provide an easy to navigate user experience?
  • Offer an on-the-go mobile experience?
  • Support imports and integrations?

Not sure where to start your search? We have compiled our top tool recommendations for agile engineering teams so that your technology sets you up for success and best agile practices.

  1. ClickUp

    Agile management for software engineering requires a highly customizable tool like ClickUp. This tool makes it easy to integrate with your internal practices through this detailed guide that outlines how to set up an agile/scrum workflow—including how to update project goals, lists and custom fields—so that you can manage and track your sprints.

    ClickUp is designed for managing your agile engineering workflows and offers a variety of functionality, such as file sharing, team communication, task lists, Kanban boards, time tracking and project budgeting. ClickUp’s reporting options are customizable for both engineering and QA agile teams with options to include velocity charts, burndown charts and cumulative flow reports.

    Price: Free to $5 per user/month

  2. Jira

    What makes Jira stand out is its capability to conform to the needs of your engineering and QA agile teams. This project management platform keeps agile management for software engineering in mind by offering a variety of agile formats, including scrum and Kanban, to be developed within the software.

    Jira comes loaded with features that benefit agile engineering teams such as visual project reports, custom filters for backlog management and customizable scrum boards. Because of its advanced features, this tool may be overwhelming for teams transitioning to agile practices or who are new to scrum.

    Price: $10/month upto 10 users and $7 per user/month for 11+users

  3. Planview LeanKit

    Think of Planview LeanKit as a digital version of a conference room whiteboard. Agile engineering teams can set up a Kanban board that uses virtual cards to represent every task, user story and bug.

    This real-time tool is a great remote agile management option for software engineering with its live statuses and dependency tracking. These prevent the same task from being completed twice. Planview LeanKit is designed for cross-functional team collaboration so that agile engineering and QA teams can easily work together in the same digital space.

    Price: $19–$29 per user/month

  4. Monday.com

    Monday.com enables agile management for software engineers by offering a blend of usability and versatility within the platform. Project planning and management is easy across engineering and QA agile teams with the tool’s proprietary board system that can be customized to feature iterative sprints, project backlogs and detailed reports.

    Monday.com provides a simple, unobstructed platform so that agile engineering teams can quickly manage sprints, tasks, user stories and defects. This tool integrates with many common platforms and offers advanced reporting features so that your team can improve your internal process.

    Price: $8–$16 per user/month

  5. Clarizen

    Clarizen is built to advance enterprise-level agile management for software engineering. This automation software solution incorporates work, content and process on one platform so that engineering and QA agile teams can work more efficiently together.

    Clarizen’s dashboard provides high level transparency on everyone’s role within the project to help align everybody’s role and responsibilities. The project planning tools within Clarizen enable project managers to make accurate data-driven decisions, not educated guesses, because of project workflows and portfolio optimization. Clarizen can be a more powerful platform for your agile engineering team when applying its out-of-box integrations with business-critical applications.

    Price: Upon request

  6. Wrike

    For teams wanting to implement agile management for their software engineering, Wrike supports scrum workflow and project management without the hassle of setup. In fact, agile engineering teams can quickly structure this tool for agile methodologies by following this four-step guide.

    This project management tool provides plenty of task management features and oversight options including Kanban boards, resource management, issue tracking and detailed project reports. Wrike delivers on both flexibility and scalability, which allows engineering and QA agile teams to plan and evaluate tasks as well as measure successful processes through its easy to navigate user interface.

    Price: $9.80–$24.80 per user/month

  7. Pivotal Tracker

    Agile management for software engineering can happen with Pivotal Tracker. Like its name suggests, this management tool lets you track project performance effectively by offering essential features needed to successfully navigate through the project lifecycle.

    Engineering and QA agile teams can collaborate through Pivotal Tracker’s shared and prioritized backlog designed to emphasize everyone’s role in the project. Users can also enjoy agile features of this scrum tool including iteration management, user-story tracking, third-party application integrations and performance tracking reports.

    Price: $12.50/month–$250/month

An agile engineering team can only be as strong as its agile project management tool. Without the proper supporting resources in place, your team cannot reach its full potential in developing and delivering a quality product to market. Make sure when testing out your agile tool options that the project management systems works well for your team.

If your team needs help and guidance beyond what an agile tool can provide, consider partnering with a QA services provider like QASource. Our team of engineers and testers have years of experience in agile engineering with expertise in QA agile best practices. Consult our experts who can help transition your team to agile engineering so that you can experience more efficient agile processes and smarter market launches. Get a free quote today.


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