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QASource’s Best QA Blogs of 2020

Best of 2020 | By Timothy Joseph | January 5, 2021

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Uncertainty was certainly the theme of 2020. As quickly as the world changed around us, so too were industry demands in upgrading product quality, even when expectations were constantly in flux. With QA projects not slowing down this year, information was key in reaching deadlines, launching to market and driving results.

Our experts at QASource stepped up to the challenge by consistently publishing Development and QA testing material across our site so that your team had access to the right guidance and necessary content for accelerating your QA practices.

As this year draws to a close, we wanted to share with you our best QA blogs of 2020, including our most popular QA automation blogs and most downloaded content.

Most Popular Blogs

Throughout the year, QASource published blogs that provide insight on quality assurance topics that matter most to your team. From API testing to checklist guidelines, each software QA blog post offered answers to your most pressing questions. Enjoy reading our best QA blogs of 2020:

  • 6 Ways to Increase Productivity of Your QA Team

    Efficiency is the name of the game, especially when your team wants to achieve more in less time. You can increase productivity of your QA team by targeting easy wins—that is, actions that are simple to implement and return the greatest value quickly.
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  • Advantages of API Testing

    No one wants consumers to uncover API issues before you do. That’s why strategic businesses carry out an API testing plan before deploying to production—and so should you. Discover the reasons why API testing can put your product and company ahead of the competition.
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    7 Advantages of Outsourcing QA Software Testing
  • A Guide to QA Testing in Docker Containers

    It’s true that Dockers have revamped the way testing integrates into the CI/CD pipeline. After all, this multi-container testing approach eliminates resource and time-based bottlenecks. One of our best QA blogs defines what Docker is and explores how Docker containers enable faster, reliable software delivery.
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  • Test Automation Checklist: A Process to Successfully Complete Test Automation Projects

    A team that doesn’t identify objectives early or excludes long-term maintenance considerations should expect their test automation project to fail. And no company wants to fund a test automation project that drains resources or requires rebuilding. Follow this checklist to keep your test automation project on track and on budget.
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  • API Testing Checklist: 10 Steps to Start API Testing

    Every process is easier when there are defined actions to take. API testing is no different, especially when testing is executed completely independent of UI. Follow these steps outlined in one of our best QA blogs so that your team completes API testing flawlessly.
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  • 3 Third-Party Integration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

    Integrating a third-party application with your product should be a seamless process, but issues with access and compatibility instead create a frustrating experience for your consumers. Despite our best intentions, even the most equipped QA teams run into third-party integration challenges during the testing process. By following these software testing procedures, your QA engineers can overcome any obstacles with third-party integrations before market launch.
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  • Virtual Reality QA Testing: What to Test and Why

    VR/AR is still a relatively new frontier for product applications—but that doesn’t mean we should be testing it blindly. With one of our best QA blogs, we sat down with QASource’s top virtual reality and augmented reality testing engineers to determine which test approaches are essential for QA teams testing VR/AR products.
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  • The Ultimate QA Checklist for Software Development

    The QA process is a balancing act of stabilizing communication and workflows across both internal and external teams while maintaining all technical aspects of the project. Because so many activities must happen at once in such a short timeframe, a crucial step or two can be unintentionally overlooked and not executed. Follow this list so that your software development process checks all the boxes on all things QA.
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  • QA Best Practices: 5 Performance Metrics Every QA Team Should Track

    You can’t effectively evaluate the work of your QA team without knowing which performance metrics matter most. We dive deep into which stats reveal concerning problems within your QA pipeline and how to further increase team efficiency.
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  • Performance Testing Checklist: 10 Considerations When Preparing for Performance Testing

    Success happens when there’s a plan in place: goals are set, timelines are established, and metrics are defined. This performance testing blog post provides a step-by-step checklist that you can smoothly incorporate within your QA process.
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Most Downloaded Content

Our knowledge center goes beyond weekly development and qa blog posts. We create downloadable materials outside of our software QA blog designed to dig deeper on crucial QA topics.

If you enjoyed reading our best QA blogs of 2020, make sure to also check out our most popular downloadable content:

  • A Guide to Help Reduce Your Automation Backlog

    Insufficient planning for your test automation process can lead to a stockpile of test automation activities. Identify your high-yield opportunities by following this automation checklist so that you can improve your QA automation coverage and reduce your automation backlog.
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  • 10 Steps to Start API Testing

    Testing APIs right from the start leads to a quality end-user experience. And knowing what that testing process looks like before you begin can expedite your project and provide better reallocation of resources. Accelerate your automation with API testing by following these ten steps for successful end-to-end testing.
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  • 10 Considerations When Preparing for Performance Testing

    Is your team really ready to start performance testing? If you haven’t pinpointed relevant metrics and tasks to complete during performance testing, then it’s time to take a step back and reassess your test plan. We recommend including these actions designed to resolve all potential software testing issues before you begin performance testing.
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  • 20 Metrics VPs Use to Measure Their QA Teams

    When leaders measure performance metrics, they can track project processes more easily, understand where problems lie within the testing process, analyze how to make improvements and confirm whether or not recent process changes provided performance value. To do this effectively, VPs keep their eye on these performance metrics across development cycles.
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  • QA Team Project Management

    Do you understand the big picture of your project? Are your project goals realistic or setting your team up to fail? We created this project management worksheet designed to set your QA process up for success before the project begins.
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  • QA Team Project Management

    Do you understand the big picture of your project? Are your project goals realistic or setting your team up to fail? We created this project management worksheet designed to set your QA process up for success before the project begins.
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What You Can Expect in 2021

Another year may be over, but we’re only getting started. You can expect to discover more QA automation blogs and performance testing blog posts on our software QA blog in 2021. You can count on us to publish relevant content regularly on our website so that you receive the answers you need on key issues that matter now.

Need additional help that extends beyond our best QA blogs and downloadable content? Consider partnering with QASource for your QA outsourcing needs. Our team of testing experts are highly specialized across all QA services and are skilled in DevOps support. Get in touch with a QASource expert today.


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