Why Outsource QA to India?

QASource | April 1, 2015

Why Outsource QA to India?

QA outsourcing is a great way to give specific projects the needed attention from the experts in the QA field. Companies outsource to stay ahead of the competition. Outsourcing can free up internal resources to focus on the core aspects of the business and boost efficiency. In this regard, India has made a name for itself in the outsourcing field – especially in the IT industry. But, why India? Below are the top 5 reasons why you should outsource QA.

  1. Talent Pool
    Currently India has over 2000 engineering colleges that graduate over half a million graduates every year. Many of these graduates hold other specialized degrees, pursue various training and certification programs and are constantly trying to upgrade their skills and expertise.
  2. High Quality Service
    While having raw talent is one thing, providing high quality service is another, and India doesn’t fail to deliver on this end. QA testers in India have access to the latest technology, software and infrastructure and are not afraid to use these tools to their advantage.
  3. Few Communication Barriers
    Communication between teams and across the various layers of your company is essential to the success of your business. Over 350 million people in India are fluent in English. Because of this, communicating with your offshore team won’t be a daunting task.
  4. Government Support
    India’s government has supported the IT field in an impactful way. Not only has the government named the IT sector as one of their top 5 priorities, but they have also implemented the National IT Task Force, a group dedicated to promoting IT in India.
  5. Cost Effective
    Since the cost of labor is much lower in India than other outsourcing locations, partnering with an offshore QA team can be highly cost effective. The flexibility in pricing can help your company be more creative while managing your budget, allotting more resources to core aspects of your business.

Giving your company access to the best, hardworking, enthusiastic talent pool available, can give you peace of mind for your upcoming projects. This will give your onshore team time to focus on aspects of developing the business. India has dedicated QA testers, ensuring maximum efficiency of your projects. While there are other countries you can consider when deciding to outsource QA, such as China and Mexico, India is the best choice available. This is because India is a country that encompasses not just great talent, but also government support and other features that will allow you to outsource with ease. Outsourcing to India can not only provide top-notch service that is cost effective, but it can directly impact the success of your business.

What is the main reason your company is considering outsourcing to India? Comment below and let QASource know. You can also learn more about how the hybrid offshore/onsite model works here.



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