QASource's Advanced Technology Group Monthly Update: February 2016

QASource QASource | February 3, 2016

QASource's Advanced Technology GroupAfter a short break our advanced technology group update has returned! The purpose of these updates is to keep you in the loop about the latest QA testing tools and how they can improve your team's strategy. In this month's update, we provide a brief overview of new tool releases, including Watij and C# 6.0. We also cover current best practices and the latest industry updates. If you're new to the blog, you can easily review all of our previous advanced technology group updates.

Latest Support Updates from January 2016:

Tool and Technology Overview:

Watij stands for "Web Application Testing in Java", and it's helpful for the automated testing of web applications using IE. To find HTML elements on a page it uses XPath expressions, and it manages browser popup windows by intercepting them and making them available for interaction. Watij allows for easy interaction with the browser even when it is hidden or when the machine is locked. It supports a BDD framework with easyb and Jbehave.

C# 6.0 offers a handful of great improvements and new features. The philosophy behind the new version is based around improving simple everyday coding scenarios without adding excess conceptual baggage. These new features help make the code lighter without making the language heavier:

  • Primary constructors
  • Declaration expression
  • Asynchronous wait inside the finally block
  • Auto-property initializers
  • Exception filters

Best Practices:

Five formatting tips for noting defects in JIRA

  1. *strong*: is used to make text appear strong or bold.
  2. {color:}Text{color}: is used to alter the color of the text. For example, {color:red}Text{color} will result in red text.
  3. [Address name | External link]: is used to insert external resources. For example: [QASource |]
  4. *Text is used to create a bulleted item.
  5. !! is used to insert an image into the page.  

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