QASource's Top 4 QA Outsourcing Blog Posts

QASource | January 3, 2018

QASource's Top 4 QA Outsourcing Blog PostsWhen companies are trying to run lean - increase efficiency and cut costs - they look for every opportunity to optimize the way teams work and produce. Though IT services have been outsourced for decades, many companies are still skeptical about outsourcing their QA services. Many decision makers still think of outsourced QA as “throwing it over the wall,” with limited interaction and collaboration between teams and deliverables that may or may not come back per the requirements.

But there are plenty of reasons to believe in QA outsourcing. It helps product companies deliver high-quality products without breaking the budget, allows larger teams to scale resources up or down as needed, and frees up development teams to focus on value-adding features. (Click to tweet)

Need to convince someone at your company that outsourced QA is the way to go? We’ve put together some of our best posts about outsourcing and why it works.

Benefits of Flexible Staffing When Outsourcing QA

Whether you need to augment your current in-house QA team or hire a brand new team for a fresh start, outsourcing is a viable solution. The major benefit addressed here is flexible staffing - you’re able to immediately ramp up the team you need without hiring long-term, full-time QA engineers. Check out Benefits of Flexible Staffing When Outsourcing QA for more.

The Outsourcing QA Talent Advantage

Finding qualified QA engineers stateside can be challenging for several reasons. One, companies swoop up talent fast. Two, QA is often regarded as a stepping stone to development, so engineers do not build out the full, robust skill set required to conduct thorough QA testing. When you outsource, you get access to domain experts with rare, hard-to-find skill sets. Learn more by reading the full post.

Why Outsource QA to India?

Why does India dominate the IT and QA outsourcing industry? Because they’ve been doing it for decades, and the government makes it a fiscal priority. In India, QA is considered a viable career path and students are encouraged to pursue technical roles. The result is a workforce that’s capable and energized by the idea of pursuing software testing full-time. Check out Why Outsource QA to India? for more information.

How to Effectively Transfer Knowledge When Outsourcing QA

One of the most commonly asked questions when outsourcing software testing is, “How do I get the team up to speed?” In How to Effectively Transfer Knowledge When Outsourcing QA, we look at the best practices for quickly and efficiently transferring knowledge to your new offshore team.

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