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Why Do Organizations Require Cybersecurity Services? (Infographic)

In a recent report, Juniper Research states that more than 33 billion records will be stolen by cybercriminals by 2023. Hence, effective cybersecurity testing becomes even more important than ever. It protects all categories of data like sensitive data, personally identifiable information, and protected health information, from theft and damage.

Why Do Organizations Require Cybersecurity Services?

According to a new report by Juniper Research, more than 33 billion records will be stolen by cybercriminals by 2023, which is an increase of 175% from 2018. The role of effective cybersecurity testing, hence, becomes even more important than ever. It protects all categories of data like sensitive data, personally identifiable information, protected health information, personal financial information, and intellectual property from theft and damage. Cyber threats can come from any level of your organization, so it becomes a must to educate your people about some common cyber threats like social engineering scams, phishing, ransomware attacks, and other attack vectors designed to steal intellectual property or personal data.

Understanding Cybersecurity Through the Lens of Blockchain Applications

Security is one of the first things to invest in when managing your networks and applications. Just like the evolution of technology, the nature of ransomware and online threats have also evolved, and it has become extremely important to employ the latest best practices of cybersecurity to secure our devices and networks. However, despite our efforts to maintain the integrity of our cybersecurity systems, cybercriminals are insistent on finding new ways to penetrate our networks for malicious purposes.

Cybersecurity Software Testing: Risks and Rewards in Outsourcing

Cybersecurity | By Timothy Joseph | November 30, 2021

The cybersecurity landscape has seen remarkable changes in 2020 with the surge in remote work. Organizations have clambered to set up remote work environments, and implement two-step authentication to ensure network security. The rapid surge in digital footprint has also resulted in a sharp rise in cybersecurity threats. According to International Data Corporation, barring major breaches, average small to medium size businesses are now likely to face costs amounting to almost 1.3 million dollars per year for cyber security-related incidents.

Application Security With SAST and DAST

Multi-factor Authentication in Cybersecurity

Behavior Analytics in Cybersecurity

Cyber Security Testing Checklist: 9 Steps To Complete Before Testing a Product in the Security Domain (Infographic)

Before you test a cybersecurity product, you must understand its integration capabilities, the environment it supports, and the best testing methodologies. QASource engineers have put together a 9-step checklist that will prepare you to test a product in the security domain.

A Guide to Penetration Testing and Cyber Security Risks

What you don’t know about your software product or your company’s infrastructure should scare you.

Every minute that you turn a blind eye to an issue is a minute gained by cybercriminals intent on gaining access to your sensitive data and confidential information. And with more employees working from home, hackers have discovered more ways to infiltrate software and applications.

Cybersecurity During Pandemic

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