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Outsourcing QA: The People

 When outsourcing QA, one of the most important things to consider is the people. Having a professional, fully trained team that is dynamic and versatile can really set your company apart from the competition.


Key Characteristics of a Successful Offshore QA Team

 Whether you already have an established QA partner or are in search of a new partner, there are several characteristics that should define your offshore QA team.


Should I insource or outsource QA?

Offshore QA, QA Outsourcing Management | By Lahari | February 10, 2015

Should I insource or outsource QA has been a question that every company faces. After Y2K, companies started outsourcing everything. If this question had been asked at that time, “outsource” would have been the definitive answer. But now, the answer isn’t as simple. In fact, the one word answer to this overarching question would be: “hybrid”.


How the Hybrid Offshore QA and Onsite Model Works

Offshore QA | By admin | July 30, 2013

All QA engineers know that you cannot throw QA projects over the wall and expect them to come back, magically, done just as hoped. There has to be a level of integration, communication, and management when outsourcing QA  to a QA partner even for the simplest tasks. Further, we have found that the most successful offshore model is a hybrid onsite offshore model. A US-based team lead or project manager interacts closely with the offshore QA lead and a dedicated QA team.


5 Ways to See Extra Value from Your QA Team

Offshore QA | By admin | May 29, 2013

Innately, with a long-term business relationship, your QA team should become more efficient in testing just by the mere experience with your product and team. Over time, the testers get more comfortable with your product features. You and your testers learn the best modes of communication. Your experience enables you to focus on the most efficient processes for receiving and fixing bugs. Like any team, outsourced or in-house, management, development, and QA together build an efficient product development process through experience and adaptability. But that is not all you should expect.

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