Management 3.0 QA Meetup Session

QASource | February 24, 2016

Management 3.0 QA Meetup Session

QASource sponsors The East Bay Agilistry & QA Meetup group. The goal of the meetup group is to create a community where software engineers and developers can meet once a month to learn new skills, build on current skill sets as well as network with other business professionals.

At the last meetup group, we had a wonderful talk about, "Management 3.0", hosted by Vanessa Shaw. The goal of management 3.0 is to empower you and your team to move away from 'struggling to keep up with change' and move towards being in a 'thriving collaborative team' that affects positive change in the world.

The talk focused on two main terms; Motivation and Empowerment. We discussed how people are motivated differently as well as the importance of learning your team and what motivates each team member. 

Vanessa kept the talk fun and interactive. There were card games, music, stickers, kudos and no agenda. The East Bay Agilistry & QA Meetup members thoroughly enjoyed Vanessa's talk. The discussions continued well beyond closing time of the meetup. 

If you are interested in joining one of Vanessa's full sessions about management 3.0, sign up here.

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