What's new in automation!: Autocast -  Q1 2017

QASource | April 19, 2017


Advantages and Disadvantages of Microservices
  • What’s new in Ranorex 7.0

    • Integration with WebDriver for web based testing across all major platforms and browsers
    • Improved WPF plug-in to interact with 3rd party controls, i.e. Infragistics, Telerik etc.
    • Integration with JUnit compatible reports
  • Enhancements in TestComplete 12.20

    • Added support for Android 7, iOS 10.X, Xcode 8.1, Xamarin Studio 6.1.X
    • Now, you can record and run your tests under Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Tools Evaluated

Rapise (Inflectra)

Rapise is powerful test automation tool which can automate web, desktop and mobile application. It supports many technologies, hybrid application and cross-browser testing.

  • Powerful built-in support for environments e.g. Java, Google Web Toolkit, Yahoo User Interface, Web applications including AJAX
  • Unique and efficient Learn and Go testing method than traditional record-and-playback mechanism
  • Inbuilt reporting functionality and also supports integration with tools like PHPUnit, NUnit, JUnit, TestNG, PyUnit, Perl TAP etc.

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Galen Framework

Galen is an open-source tool for testing layout and responsive design of web applications. It has its own special language Galen Specs for describing the positioning and alignment of elements on a Web page.

  • Built-up on Selenium and can be easily integrated with existing automation frameworks
  • Supports test execution using Selenium Grid and can run tests on different devices simultaneously
  • Provides own reporting along with other unit testing frameworks reports, like TestNG
  • Provides image comparison testing, and can be used to test the page layouts
  • Supports I18n testing

A good article to read:

Get Started with XCUITest Using Real Devices on Cloud: This article is about Apple's own ‘official’ test automation frameworks, i.e. XCTest & XCUITest and its usage to automate the test cases on iOS devices.

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