Here’s Why Everyone is Investing in Automated Testing Services

QASource | July 6, 2016

Here’s Why Everyone is Investing in Automated Testing ServicesThere’s a lot of talk on the streets about automation. But trust us when we say it’s more than just a hot buzzword. In fact, test automation is one of the most effective solutions you can adopt as a growing product company. Speeding up slow, time-consuming manual testing is one of the biggest value propositions for automation -- but what are some of the other reasons why so many of your colleagues (and competitors) are buying into it?

Let’s look at why automated testing services are more of a long-term benefit than a buzzworthy expenditure:

No more manual middle man

Automated testing takes the burden off of the manual tester and instead utilizes a selected automation tool, program or script. Once your team of automation experts design an extensible testing framework, complete with all applicable user scenarios and test cases, the tests can be executed across any number of environments or platforms. This helps eliminate the existing manual workflow and slashes the amount of time required to execute all of your tests.

Results you can count on

Humans make errors, even detail-oriented QA testers. Automated tests follow a set of defined instructions and run according to those with each execution. By eliminating manual intervention you can drastically reduce the error rate of test executions. Automation provides reliable, consistent results each time assuming that the basic functionality does not change. Get a more in-depth look at automation.

Maintainable & modular

Think of automated tests as modular building blocks that are much easier to implement than disorganized manual tests. They’re rooted in a programming language, which makes any necessary code tweaks easy -- a small change doesn’t break the rest of the test, and revised tests can be implemented immediately.

Process big data in real-time

Try handling the creation of 1,000+ new users or performing batch profile updates in a manual test -- you just can’t do it. Because automated tests are based in a programming language, they can simulate big-data operations such as these in real-time.

Easy on the budget

Automation helps you ramp-up the speed of your suites while also expanding the coverage of your tests. The increased productivity of your team is a big win, but automating also slashes your overall testing spend, too.

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