Our Customers’ Favorite QA Testing Blog Posts

QASource | November 29, 2017

Our Customers’ Favorite QA Testing Blog PostsYou know the old saying: “The customer is always right.” Turns out that it’s true across industries — from service and retail, to IT and software QA. Product companies work hard to deliver features that delight their customers, and software QA providers do their best to ensure that the quality of these features is high before shipment. At the end of the day, we all work in service of the customer.

So, in that spirit, we put together some of our own customers’ favorite QA testing blog posts. These posts are the most clicked, most engaged-with, and most shared — which means that a lot of people found them helpful. We hope you do, too!

4 Common QA Pain Points and Their Solutions

People reach out for QA services when there’s a pain point in their current process — it’s a healing salve of sorts. But sometimes pain occurs in the QA service itself. In 4 Common QA Pain Points and Their Solutions, we get to the bottom of the most prevalent issues, and provide a variety of ways to bounce back from the problems.

How to Comply With HIPAA: 6 Software Testing Strategies

When it comes to products that serve the healthcare space, things have to be very buttoned up. The transfer of sensitive patient information is no joke, so the right security protocols and compliance regulations must be in place. In How to Comply With HIPAA, we review some of the top-of-mind concerns for any product company (or QA testing company) working in this sensitive space.

6 Ways to Increase the Productivity of Your Team

One of the main reasons teams onboard an offshore QA partner is to boost productivity. Though the team should be able to hit the ground running and add value immediately, sometimes further optimization and training is needed. In 6 Ways to Increase the Productivity of Your Team, we check out the top six ways to get your QA team working smoothly and efficiently alongside your dev team.

Are You Using Metrics for Your Automated Testing Services?

People are flocking to automation, and for good reasons: It’s one of the best ways to make your team more efficient, cut costs, and improve the quality of your product. But it can be expensive to implement, and decision makers on the financial side of the company often need to see good ROI in order to justify that expense. Measuring the impact and effectiveness of automation is the best way to prove your case! In Are You Using Metrics for Your Automated Testing Services?, we look at some of the most commonly used metrics.

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