What Functions Should Startups be Outsourcing?

QASource | March 29, 2017

What Functions Should Startups be Outsourcing?

One of the main challenges startups face is accomplishing critical functions when there isn't enough money, resources or time to staff properly. While it's inevitable that members of a startup wear some different hats, there comes a point when it's unsustainable to continue doing this at every level if the organization wants to grow. It makes more sense to outsource. But which functions does it make sense to contract out? Let's look at 5 areas.


Outsourcing some engineering functions is a good place to begin. Choosing to outsource engineering services can save a significant amount of money, especially if it's to a company that offers offshore services. For example, by outsourcing QA testing, startups can enjoy scalable staffing, reduced employee costs, and the benefit of highly trained and talented engineers with hard-to-find skillsets. Typically, offshore engineers — particularly those in India — are highly experienced in multiple domains and industries, and they apply this knowledge to products and applications at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee. Having a team of QA experts at hand also reduces bottlenecks and speeds time to market. For example, at QASource, our onsite offshore model takes advantage of the time difference and allows for 24/7 testing, while addressing the need for US management of offshore teams.

Information technology is increasingly complex and difficult to manage. Outsourcing can help organizations become more agile, provide access to data management expertise and, of course, save money.

Finally, organizations can outsource web design. If a startup’s website needs a shopping cart function or some other specialized function, calling on experts to help can be highly beneficial. By outsourcing web design, a startup’s developers can focus on creating product instead of building a website. Good web design companies will help startups turn their sites into lead generation tools.


Chief Financial Officers are a necessity, especially for those startups who have received funding. CFOs oversee financial functions from accounting, to payroll, to financial strategy. But sometimes, by outsourcing the CFO function, startups can draw on highly experienced individuals without the cost of paying a CFO salary. There's also the option of keeping CFO function in-house, but outsourcing accounting, bookkeeping and payroll. All these functions should not be left to amateurs; there are numerous rules, regulations and tax laws. Rather than risking trouble by not hiring professionals, simply outsource the function to certified and experienced financial experts and pay a fraction of the price.


Want to grow the business? You need marketing. Marketing is crucial for attracting and gaining new customers. Smaller and newer startups often don't have the financial ability to hire an entire marketing team, so outsourcing their marketing to a diversified agency is a viable option. By doing so, startups can gain access to experienced marketing professionals, while reducing the need to invest in a full marketing department.

Human Resources

When we say “outsource your HR,” we don’t necessarily mean you should outsource your hiring personnel; though the employ of staffing agencies can help vet and shortlist desirable candidates, thereby saving hiring managers time and effort. There are actually other HR functions that startups can outsource as well, such as development of employee policies and procedures, managing personnel issues, and preparing compensation and benefits. These HR functions can consume a lot of time, so outsourcing some HR functionality can make a lot of sense for many startups.

Customer Service

Building a contact center is expensive and requires a major investment in technology, facilities, staff training and ongoing operations. Outsourcing this function allows organizations of all sizes respond to feedback, complaints and questions without making a significant investment of resources that could be applied toward other aspects of the business. In addition, communications volumes vary, making it prudent to outsource to a center with multiple clients so that costs-per-call decrease. And finally, with a diversified and flexible workforce, outsourced call centers can offer a variety of specialties, languages and expertise that can be difficult to satisfy in-house.

Outsourcing these 5 services is a way to increase productivity, while saving time and money. If you are interested in and ready to begin outsourcing your QA function, visit qasource.com today.

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