3 Ways Automated Software Testing Will Help Your Product

Timothy Joseph
Timothy Joseph | February 14, 2019

3 Ways Automated Software Testing Will Help Your Product

Software development is a challenge that can be thrilling and frustrating at the same time. Sometimes it feels like a series of barriers stand between you and your product’s release. While finding errors in your software can feel demoralizing, it is really a good thing. If you can find bugs and errors before your product is released to the public, you can fix them. If your software is full of errors when it is released, the public may think you have released it prematurely. And all the patches in the world cannot help a company fix a bad reputation.

That is where automated software testing comes in. It can help you develop high-quality software that has fewer problems and enable you to release earlier. It requires fewer people than manual testing, so you get effective results from fewer resources.

If you have never used automated software testing, you may not know what makes it better than manual testing or how to integrate it into your development process. But if you are looking for a way to bring a new software product to market faster, with as few bugs as possible, give it a try.

3 Ways Automated Software Testing Can Help You Release a Better Product

If you are unfamiliar with automated testing, you probably do not know about its benefits. Manual testing is a long, repetitive process that requires human testers to try every aspect of an application, ensuring that the code does all the things it should do. Manual testers must keep a record of everything they do and, like all people, can make mistakes.

Automated testing lets computer do repeatable tasks which can be boring for human testers. It is conducted with a tool that uses strategies and methods, like test scripts, to test your software. It can test more code and more features of an application faster than humans. This makes it useful in testing applications with many functionalities, which can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to QA test complex products.

Automated software testing takes less time than manual testing. That makes it a critical tool to help prepare your product for release. As always, the best results usually come from a combination of testing methods.

Let’s look at three major ways automated testing can help you.

Release Software Faster by Completing QA Testing Sooner

Automated software testing makes QA testing fly by. Automation engineers can build a QA automation test environment customized to test your product and its functionalities. It is done by developing automated test scripts for regression-testing your application, and creating an assessment for each test cycle.

Test scripts are reusable, and by running them constantly you can test large amounts of code or applications with many features, all faster than a manual QA team. That means faster releases.

Extend the Scope and Capacity of Your QA Coverage

There is only so much ground a team of human QA testers can cover. But an automated tool can test software on any number of devices, 24 hours a day. The right solution provider can help you define and implement automated QA strategies and methodologies. Once QA strategies are in place, your solution provider can measure and evaluate them to make adjustments. Finally, a good automated software testing services provider will edit your solution until it tests and measures your application in ways that meet your requirements exactly.

Automation engineers expand QA coverage by:

  • Creating a modular, portable, maintainable, and reusable automation framework;

  • Integrating different tools and technologies within the automation framework;

  • Regression-testing your product;

  • Building comprehensive automated tests and environments; and

  • Assessing and refining every test cycle.

Use QA Testers’ and Engineers’ Time More Effectively

Your human resources are precious, costly, smart people. With automated software testing you can free them to work on problems that require human attention, and let your QA solution do the repetitive work. It is a more effective use of engineers’ time and skills that enables your team to get more done. No one likes doing robotic tasks, especially your talented staff. So why not use their time wisely and automate wherever you can?

Automated Software Testing Makes a Big Difference

The more QA testing you do, the better your software will be. So try using automated software testing to catch details human testers may overlook in manual testing. You will see the difference when you deliver polished, more professional applications. Not only does automated software testing lead to higher-quality software, but it helps your team complete QA testing faster. That helps you meet promised release dates and bring new applications to market quickly.

If you have an upcoming release, do not worry. Software that meets its promised release date, delivered with minimal bugs, crashes, or other problems is a goal you can achieve. Find bugs before users with automated software testing. It can help make your next release a big success.

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