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QASource Blog Benefits of Outsourcing QA When Resource Constrained

Benefits of Outsourcing QA When Resource Constrained

Benefits of Outsourcing QA When Resource Constrained

These days, all QA testing teams can benefit from some help. But when resources are constrained, as they often are, enlisting additional testing assistance never seems like a realistic possibility. Fortunately, there’s a way to increase testing support without breaking the bank - by outsourcing QA.

QA outsourcing is the practice of handing over testing-related tasks to a third-party service who carries out requested test cases without full involvement in your overall software development process. And because outsourced offshore QA agencies offer affordable business plans, receiving the help you need when you need it most is achievable.

So, why should you outsource QA? Is outsourcing your QA good? What are the benefits of outsourcing? And how do you start to outsource QA?

Why Should I Outsource QA?

Ask any QA team and they’ll tell you that they are resource constrained. No matter your team’s size or product offerings, there never seems to be enough internal talent or resources to cover all types of testing without asking your internal team to work around the clock.

Pushing your internal team to work longer hours for weeks - if not months - can lead to making unintentional testing mistakes or losing quality internal talent. Neither of these results are what you want. By adding outsourced offshore QA testers to your project, you can maintain product quality and time to market as well as retain your internal QA team.

Consider QA outsourcing if your team:

  • Requires more QA testers to support project goals and maintain time to market
  • Lacks internal QA testers with the exact skills needed for a particular project
  • Needs more cost-effective testing resources for long-term projects

Why Outsourcing Your QA Is Helpful

It’s no easy task to find testers who possess the right combination of skills required for your projects. The most ideal situation is to acquire QA testers who have strong knowledge of your industry, coding language and your preferred testing methodologies. But based on your location, recruiting a QA tester with all of these qualifications isn’t realistic or possible. This can lead to hiring internal QA testers who require a significant amount of training in order to get up to speed on your practices.

But who has time for that? Deadlines are quickly approaching, so you need your team to spend all of their efforts on product review and testing, not training.

This is why outsourcing QA is good for your projects, your team and your organization. QA outsourcing means always having access to a large talent base of outsourced QA testing engineers with a variety of experience and expertise so that the right professionals execute test cases for your product. No sacrifices are made in credentials and no time is lost in launching your product to market on schedule.

QA outsourcing businesses are committed to maintaining and improving the skillset of their talent network. The strongest outsourced offshore QA agencies have a dedicated Test Center of Excellence (TCOE) structured with subject matter experts, experienced testers, test managers and test architects. These QA outsourcing companies also provide their testing experts access to the latest tools and technologies to guarantee quality test results.

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Benefits of Outsourcing When Resource Constrained

There are several myths about QA outsourcing that cause unnecessary hesitation for enterprises and businesses. But in reality, these false assumptions are advantages when you select the right outsourced offshore QA team, especially when your resources are limited. Rely on the facts, not the myths, when reviewing these benefits of outsourcing when resource constrained.

  • Maintain Development Cycles and Time to Market

    When you include an outsourced QA team into your testing process, your development cycle no longer operates under one time zone. Teaming up with an offshore team can lead to having as much as two full workdays of testing occurring in one day. In other words, your team can double the productivity and cut the amount of time it takes to execute test cases in half.

    Extra time is always a gift during a development cycle. QA outsourcing allows your team to deliver testing results to your development team sooner so that developers have time to fix defects or improve code. Software QA outsourcing can prevent backups in the development cycle and delays in product launch.

  • Allow Your Internal Team to Focus on Core Business Initiatives

    Your internal team can only do so much in a day. When you leverage the skills of an outsourced QA testing team, you allow your internal QA testers to focus on projects and test cases that impact your core business.

    Outsourcing QA allows teams to reassign time-consuming tasks to the external team so that all essential testing is performed without cutting corners. By outsourcing QA, your team can also receive a third-party view of your product that can often lead to making stronger decisions for your core business initiatives.

  • Increase ROI & Reduce Cost

    Keeping QA testing fully in-house is more costly than you’d think. Aside from QA tester salaries and employment benefits, your organization must invest in high-end software and hardware to support all types of testing. Furthermore, there’s the cost in recruiting and training new testers for your internal team.

    QA outsourcing is a more affordable option that provides the greatest value. An offshore QA team encompasses testing professionals with equal or higher levels of qualifications and skills - eliminating any need to purchase additional, expensive hardware and software. A QA outsourcing agency manages all recruitment and training needed for outsourced QA testing engineers. Outsourcing leads to an increased ROI with the option of reallocating this cost savings towards other projects or desired resources.

  • Ensure Secure Testing Environments

    Chances are, your internal team works remotely on a frequent, if not regular, basis. While working from home provides essential convenience, it removes your QA testers from a secured office environment. Remote working, when handled incorrectly, can lead to severe consequences, including system compromise, internet fraud and massive data loss.

    Many outsourced QA companies are highly skilled in monitoring and maintaining network security. Because outsourced QA testing is always performed remotely due to distance, QA outsourcing agencies have established strong security protocols to prevent all testing environments from compromise or malicious attacks. By QA outsourcing, your internal team can discover these strategies for maintaining secure testing environments while working remotely so that your product is protected from any location.

  • Ability to Scale Quickly

    Think of outsourced QA testing as an expansion to your internal resources. You can enjoy the advantage of instant experience and expertise without the commitment of maintaining consistent workloads. Software QA outsourcing is designed to support your team’s needs, be it to scale up production for a product launch or to scale back during slower seasons or development planning.

    You remain in control throughout the QA outsourcing test process. You decide how engaged you want to be with your outsourced offshore QA team through developing agile test strategies for your outsourced team, continual conversation, planning and integrated workflows. No matter where you are in the project process or development cycle, outsourced QA testing teams always arrive ready to work when you need them.

Here’s How to Outsource QA

Ready to seek outsourced QA testing assistance? The first step is to research your outsourced offshore QA options. You can choose from several software QA outsourcing companies that provide a variety of breadth and depth in professional talent, QA services and testing methodologies, so make sure you know your business needs before you begin seeking a QA outsourcing partner.

Simplify your search by partnering with a QA outsourcing services provider like QASource. Our 800 experienced testing engineers have a variety of experience and skills spanning across all industries, QA practices and testing methodologies. With our team of experts, your business can maintain time to market, increase ROI and reduce costs. Get in touch with a QASource expert today.

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